Brand Safety In A World Of Fake News

Data Source: Moat
  • There is a broad network of advertisers propping these sites up: Over 3,100 unique brands advertised on fake or incendiary news sites in 2017 alone.
  • Top brands are some of the most prolific advertisers: 58% of Fortune 100 companies appeared on at least one of these sites.
  • This isn’t the case of a single ad slipping by: The average Fortune 100 company appeared on 15 fake or incendiary news sites — and some on as many as 44 different sites with over 1,000 unique ads!
  • Finance, technology and auto brands bought the most ads: Controlling as much as 7% share-of-voice across all sites.
  • Establish a principled approach: Every ad campaign should have a clear framework for evaluating inventory quality and brand safety. What is perfectly acceptable for a travel company may be wholly inappropriate for a more family-focused brand.
  • Block the bad stuff: At BPI, we maintain lists of unacceptable sites based on general brand safety, bot traffic, viewability, and fake news. And even on acceptable sites, there are certain types or themes of content we want to protect our clients from showing ads next to.
  • Demand transparency: You should know where your ads are running. Not every ad needs to be on the front page of the New York Times — frequency and repetition are critical to making a message stick — and we want to reach people whether they are visiting top tier news or dinner recipes. But if a publisher won’t tell you where you ads appear, they are probably hiding something.
  • Constant vigilance! New sites spring up every day and there is always the chance something might slip by. Make sure your advertising infrastructure is set up to regularly scan for potentially troublesome content.




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