Influencing The Influencers: Agenda Setter

Where do influential people spend time? What do they read? Where do they start and end their day? Who influences the influencers?

These are the type of questions that many people who work in and around Washington, DC get asked when it comes to how to drive the conversation of the day, move legislative outcomes or set the agenda with elites.

That is why today we are excited to announce the launch of Agenda Setter, a new advertising platform that drives targeted messages to influencers and their networks from sunrise to sunset.

Agenda Setter builds on BPI’s “people, not places” strategy with well-timed, precisely targeted and highly relevant advertising matched with BPI’s proprietary data set to drive effective public affairs campaigns. We know that whether you call them elites or influencers, the network of a 25-year-old legislative staffer is different from that of a 60-year old K Street lobbyist. Agenda Setter can map both of these networks, as well as how they interact, and drive share of voice around the issue of the day, week or month to reach the individuals that matter to you.

To create the Agenda Setter platform, we built a data set of approximately 7,000 distinct attributes that can be customized across 8 networks, including: White House Staff, Federal Agencies, Capitol Hill Staff, Political Party Committees, Media, Lobbyists, Think Tanks and Industry Groups. Agenda Setter uses individual-level targeting to reach each person and their network and we can follow those influencers across multiple screens and devices from sunrise to sunset.

Most influencers are just like us when it comes to media consumption. They scroll updates on Twitter and Facebook, watch sports recaps, seek out recipes online and check in on their favorite celebrities in addition to consuming political news from traditional publications. But we know that no one has total ownership of the DC elite market. Since there is no one way to reach these audiences, every campaign requires a precise and nuanced look at what elites and their networks read, when they read and how they read — whether in print, on a mobile device, on a desktop, on an elevator TV or while sitting in the back of a taxi cab.

How do we solve for these constantly moving targets? Agenda Setter wins share of voice for your issue when it matters — on news publications in the morning and then shifts that focus to various locations throughout the day. This is even more important given how mobile this audience is and how fragmented they are online. We know that elites are multi-device users, especially when it comes to social media. For example, while the majority (55%) of Facebook adults 18+ are mobile-only users in the last 30 days, more than three in five elites (61%) used both a desktop and a mobile device and overall, 94% of elites are reached on mobile.

Here’s the other challenge: elites are less likely to engage with advertising. Elites click on 20% fewer ads than the average user. That is why we apply our advanced measurement technology, Vantage, to track the impact of your campaigns as well as what people are thinking about an issue. We can survey your audiences’ attitudes toward an issue on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and adjust your campaign accordingly.

Want to know more? Visit or email us for more information.

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